Rotting Orchards offers a few haunt and scare attraction services and will take any scare attraction to the next level without breaking your bank in the process.


We can design a custom prop, a room, or the entire experience. We've done it all and are confident that we will be able to make your visitors say "wow"

Automated Prop Creation

Moving past the design phase, we can build just about anything. We've built props that people have described as "simply magical" to props that have been described as "absolutely terrifying!". We have years of experience building complex automation for our own haunt, let us do the same for yours!

Event Coordination

Let's face it, running a scare attraction event is like herding cats sometimes. We have over 10 years of experience planning and executing events with the last 5 years of that being in the scare attraction space. We can help you plan and execute your next event.

About Us

Rotting Orchards is brought to you by Mike and Eesa Heijmans. Looking back on their childhoods, they both fondly remembered the neighborhood haunted houses and how much fun it was to go through as kids and work in as teenagers. So in October 2013, while setting up their yard decorations and reminiscing over childhood Halloweens, they decided they would host their own haunted house. Little did they know that it would be the start of an obsession. After the 2013 Halloween season was over, they looked back on the fun and magic of running a haunted house and decided that it would have to happen again the next year and it would need to be even better!

In 2014, Mike and Eesa unleashed their skills by designing and building their own mechanical props. They went bigger and better than the previous year and raised money for a great cause in the process. The neighbors and local youth organizations helped out and the news even showed up! The season was a success despite the rain but it needed to be even better still!

In late 2014, due to landlord disagreements and the rapidly rising costs of the bay area, Mike and Eesa moved to Elk Grove, CA (outside of Sacramento). They relocated themselves, their lives, and the haunt in the process. The chaos of the move, job changes, and buying a house left little time to expand the haunt but that didn't stop them. They buckled down, worked hard and built a new haunt for 2015 in their new location in Elk Grove. It was their biggest event to date drawing more than 400 people! Unfortunately the amount of people was overwhelming and someone decided to take advantage of that and stole a large sum from the donation box. This sparked the idea of forming their own non-profit that could better help the community year round and help build up a volunteer base to prevent such things from happening again.

In 2016, The Heijmans Foundation, Inc was formed. The primary goal of the foundation is to benefit local arts, music, & theatre community through donations. All proceeds from the Rotting Orchards Haunted House go directly to the foundation and go directly to local community arts programs in turn.

The 2016 Haunted House in Elk Grove drew over a thousand people from hundreds of miles away over the haunt's 3 open days and it was the haunt's first multi-day event. The amount of money raised for the foundation set a new record for Rotting Orchards and the foundation for a single event.

The rave reviews from haunt-goers and other haunt operators were growing and it was apparent that the skills that Mike and Eesa were mastering were become more sought-after. Therefore in 2017, Rotting Orchards expanded once again by adding consulting services as an offering. The new Rotting Orchards Haunted House Consulting project is aimed at helping others, from home haunters to professional establishments, create the best experience in this niche space for their visitors through design, custom prop building, and event coordination.

Mike Heijmans

Mike is a professional software engineer with a background in art, music, and design. Mike also does electronics and mechanical engineering in his free time. Mike designs and builds all the custom prop mechanisms and controllers. Mike's favorite childhood Halloween memory is the time he spent volunteering as an actor for his high school's annual haunted house.

Eesa Heijmans

Eesa is an artist, designer, and crafter. Her background is in performing arts, visual arts, and acting. She creates art of all types in her free time. Eesa designs the overall haunt and all the props that need to be built. She's the "eye" that makes the props and the overall haunt look so real and professional.